Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Yesterday the family (Dad, Mom, Bro and I) went to Best Buy and got a Toshiba Laptop/Notebook (whatever people call them), and then today we got a wireless router so right now I'm typing this on the dining room table! I'm geeking out! Hehehe.

Besides the recent update in our tech nothing's really been going on here. I've been sleeping in instead of watching anime. I've just been so tired lately.... But, I have been translating everything that I've heard into Japanese (as well as possible at least).

Oh! Tonight I'm going to a New Year's Eve party at one of my friend's house. I don't know how long I'll be able to last though. It probably didn't help that I was listening to The Beatles a lot today. I was going to make Glazed Meatballs from Bento Boxes:Japanese Meals On The Go by Naomi Kijima. But, I forgot to get an onion and i don't know how it would turn out without it... So NOW I have to try and find something to get/make that only takes 30 minutes or less! Speaking of bento boxes, I ordered egg molds from and they couldn't get here soon enough!!! Since my mom will start a new job as a Relater I'll be the one to take care of the house mostly and make her a bento box everyday! I don't mind either though. I like hard work, which is why I just don't understand it when kids say "No! I don't want to do the dishes!" or something like that.

Here's another update, I got a new skateboard the other day! I don't know where my other one went. It's not like me to loose things (That's my brother's job)... So my new deck is an Enjoi (Haha that ISN'T a type-o, it's actually spelt that way) with a black and white panda on it, argyle trucks and black skull and crossbones wheels. It looks so awesome! I've almost learned how to do an Ollie! Breaking with the tail end of the board is still a bit difficult though... :p Anyways I should be heading out on the ol' dusty trail... Sayonara!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Camp Rock

Okay, okay I know what you're thinking... "What in the wild world of sports is going on?" But yes, I did actually watch Camp Rock from the Disney channel. And I found it much inspirational and a bit confusing. It made me want to take voice class and pick up piano again along with the guitar (acoustic of course). Not to be self-flattering but, I do have a pretty good voice. And I've recently found out that I can hit more notes and different types of singing. I think I'll ask Coach Cheese to go with me to a Karaoke place and see what all those voice lessons have done this semester. I still really would like to hear her voice. I haven't heard it once since I've met her (almost 2 years ago, this March).

Now here's the confusing part, I somewhat wish to be *shivers*....normal. I see what all these people look like and I kind of like their uniform style... But, then again I do like my baggy boy pants and a spaghetti strap shirt too... And I've really wanted to dye my hair a Kagami purple. It would be nice if I had green eyes for that though. I'm pretty sure green eyes plus light purple hair equals complete awesomeness. The only reason I haven't changed my hair color is because, 1 My dad doesn't like dyed hair for some weird reason. and 2 because I'd have to bleach it first, and then my hair won't be all nice and soft like it is now. I mean how can "normal" and my weird purple hair and ponytail fetish go together? I have no idea! Until I find out how that can work I bid you a do'.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Big B

First off I want to let everyone know that I've received a B on my Japanese 1 class! YAY! It may bot be an A but... It's still more than passing! I like to think of it as this:

A = Smarty pants
B = Clever
C = Average
D = You must have been sleeping throughout class...
F = Get out of town.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Musical...woah it's actually Monday this time!

Lately I've been having this song stuck in my head. It's probably one of my favorite Green Day songs. I used to like that band a lot but I've somewhat grew out of them. I found out that I am more fond of their older songs than the majorly over played songs like American Idiot and Holiday.

Hitchin' A Ride - Green Day

Hey mister, where you headed?
Are you in a hurry?
I need a lift to happy hour
Say oh no.

Do you brake for distilled spirits?
I need a break as well
The well that inibriates the guilt.
1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4

Cold turkey's getting stale
Tonight I'm eating crow
Fermented salmonella poison oak, no

There's a drought at the fountain of youth, and now I'm dehydrating
My tongue is swelling up, as say
1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4

Troubled times, you know I can not lie
I'm off the wagon and I'm hitchin' a ride

There's a drought at the fountain of youth, and now I'm dehydrating
My tongue is swelling up, I say shit!

Troubled times, you know I can not lie
I'm off the wagon and I'm hitchin' a ride

I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride


VERY Disturbing.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stale cereal

Yum! Stale cereal for breakfast.. My favorite?

Today, I have done basically nothing. I have stretched and talked on the phone with Coach Cheese. On other notes my cat is trying to kill me. XD And I really don't have much to write about I just wanted to post the cat doodley thing. Now, off to fix some REAL breakfast!

And by the way...
Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Gunslinger Girl: Slow but steady

I just got to watch another episode of Gunslinger Girl -IL Tetrano- which is pretty good. It takes people awhile to sub them though. As soon as I'm done learning Japanese I'm definitely going to fansub something! And it will be awesome!

Right now I'm swimming in homework (like always) and also have/had gymnastics tests. Which I'm somewhat afraid of falling behind. If Coach Cheese (she got a job! YAY!) passes me in gym after lvl 6 I won't get to see her Thursdays anymore ;(. I hardly get to see her as is because she has job training on Fridays (previously Disneyland days) and Renaissance fair stuff on Saturdays grr. I kind of miss those Fall days that we used to go to the candy store and sneak the food into the dollar movies...

Class wise I'm still really busy! Even thought I had to drop my Saturday Japanese Culture class. I really didn't have the time to do the teachers ridiculous amount of homework.

I've been a blubs today just sitting on the couch while my cat attacks me from above the couch. And is now ferociously trying to make muffins on my lap. So adorable.

The holidays are getting closer and I've already got half the people on my list presents! AHA! I'm ahead of schedule this year! I wonder what I should get my cat? Probably something new for her to loose under the table. I wish I had some money to go and get some manga :P I saw the ones I was looking for at an Anime store in Little Tokyo. "Ahh sir times is hard times is haaaaard" -Mrs. Lovett. Anyways, I really should post more often and read Cheese's blog. blah I guess I'm off to go read that now. Ja ne! <-- see ya' in a little bit.

Prop 8: Protest!

I just want to start this post with a nice centence. <---That was it.

I just really want Gay marradge to pass already! If the eghing Mormons would get their head's out of thier bibles maybe they could see the reality of this prop. It's almoast like a type of slavery! What are we? In the 1800's? GROW UP!

Gays are everywhere and should be treated just like everyone else! If the Mormon's can't except that maybe they should go and make their own country and live there where they can pass any ridiculous laws they want! GRRR! They had a brainwashing site online with their massa' that would go on every night telling them that they would go to hell if they voted NO on prop 8. Firstly, WTF? Suuuuure, I may be going overboard but I DON'T CARE! This needs to stop NOW!

As you can see I have very strong ideas of what is right and what is wrong. And NO ONE should be able to steal ANYONE'S rights. Not even the president. How would the Mormons feel if we decided to burn all the bibles in the US or make Mormon and Christianity illegal? Hmm??? ANSWER THAT! I would do anything to be in those picket lines right now protesting the writes of two PEOPLE supporting each other. I'm not even gay! I don't even have any gay friends! I think that if two people love each other they should be able to get married! PERIOD!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day in My Life: Santa Fe 10-8-2008

I help Michell cheat at go fish.
Surfer dude about to get annihilated between two waves! XD

Pretty Santa Fe Mosaic at the train station!

Awesome torii like thing that I can't read... Effing Kanji!

The boys google at the dragon.

Russian submarine, anyone?

Treble-clef time!

A beautiful picture I took at the little tourist village.

Mmm, Shrimp, crab and scallop salad! Oishii! (Delicious!)

A re-creation of the famous picture from New York.

I can't remember who this person was I think it started with a B... Maybe it was Bob?

The lamp looks like a UFO!

"Fuses & Torpedo's" hm... Torpedo's on a train?

A delicious boba drink. Tahi tea (IT'S ORANGE?!?!) no milk tea... It tasted pretty good though. A lot better than my brother's Durian smoothie. Too creamy for me K-thanks.

Mmm, a delicious Vietnamese sandwich before I go to Japanese class! A pretty good day if you ask me!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My new friend: Henrietta

A tiny little kitten was meowing at my door so mom told me there was a cute little kitten outside. I immediately went to go pet it and play with it. I give all the neighborhood cats names so I named this cat Henrietta (like in Gunslinger Girl) I named her that because she is very soft spoken (has a tiny little 'meow') and has a lot of brown on her (Henrietta's (Gunslinger Girl) hair color is a medium brown, and the cat's fur is brown too. I met a small grey cat a while back and named it Jahero (from Spirited Away), I have no idea why it just sounded like a good name. Anyways I happened to get a few pictures from Henrietta:

A Day in My Life 10/2/08

I was going to go to gymnastics like usual but the night before after my JA1 class my arm started hurting. I pulled something while trying to do a one armed cartwheel in wet sand... Not such a good idea.

I do a little puzzle in a Disney magazine.

Maneki likes my heating pad more than I do!

This is my beastly phone that makes holes in all my pockets. Oh, and it's 11:37am.

Time to go on the computer for a little bit. Almost all of these messages are from Facebook notifications.
Time to check out my friend's blog. Now I have this stuck in my head, thanks a lot Cheese.
I made a shower in the back yard because when we came home from the beach (the day before, 10/1/08) I was covered in sand and would've probably clogged the shower up.

Finally! Time to use the 'Shower' setting on the garden hose. The water was warm for a little. I used all the warm water up then my little brother was next in line and got all the cold water! XD

Then I decided to play Runescape for a while. This is my character.

Friday, October 3, 2008

School Rumble: San Genki

O_O This anime ended exactly how I wanted it to! I am really happy for Tenma-chan! Sometimes I can really relate to her. Even though San Genki OVA (I feal like a bad anime fan not knowing what OVA is...) was only two episodes long it was AMAZING! Not too short like some anime and not some three hundred episodes long like other ones. Sure, I'm a bit sad that it's over, but this was the best anime I've ever watched! Even though it was a bit, girly... I'm sorry this anime update wasn't longer but I don't want to ruin the whole show! You really need to watch all three seasons! Till next post (hopefully a 'Day in My Life'), Ja ne!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You Are a Fist

Your life philosophy can be summed up as, "Life fast. Die young."

Your greatest wish is to have a life of passion and excitement.

And while you don't want to die young, you rather take risks than stay home and be afraid.

You are inspired and inspiring. You live each day like it's your last.

You Are the Sense of Sound

You love to talk, but you also love to listen.

You are simply a natural conversationalist.

You can have a deep conversation that lasts for hours and come out of it feeling energized.

You have a good ear for foreign languages and accents of all sorts.

You can imitate people quite well.

You also are a huge lover of music. You probably love music more than most people you know.

You Are Argentina

You are a set of contradictions, and it often seems like you live in two worlds.

You are introspective yet outgoing. You are modern yet traditional.

You are warm and honest. Your life is petty much an open book.

You are a hard worker, and you don't mind putting in long hours. And then you'll go party til dawn!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gunslinger Girl: Part 2

ARGGGG! I was having a fun time watching my Gunslinger Girl then, I finished all the ones that were English subbed (has English subtitles)! I was watching episode 8: season 2 then, schwabamm! GGS2 is supposed to come out on DVD (English dubb) Autumn, NEXT YEAR!!! I either need to learn the Japanese language faster or, wait my life away... I am really annoyed right now... I'm thinking (hoping) somebody will dubb episode nine in less than a year! I really do enjoy the subbs better. I was watching Furuba (Fruits Basket) in English and found out that a bunch of stuff was cut out when they were transferring Japanese into English. LAME! So now I'm off to go to bed and rant in my sleep... I wish there was some kind of list I could sign up for that e-mails me when the new seasons of stuff are out! Hmm, I should research that... Anyways here's my somewhat updated anime list:

Finished Anime/Manga

Fruits Basket

Azumanga Daioh

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan

Lucky Star

School Rumble

School Rumble Ni Genki (2nd Season)

Twin Spica

Love Roma

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kodomo no Jikan

Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl -IL Tetrano- (season 2) (currently on #9)

List of anime to watch...

Fate Stay Night

XXX Holic




Chibi Vampire (Karin)

Ranama 1/2

Tokyo mew mew...

(The picture is Chiyo-chan starting to cry because Osaka took her hair-danglie-things)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gunslinger Girl: Part 1

"The Light Before We Land" - The Delgados (opening theme)

In truth there is no better place to be,
then falling out of darkness still to see,
without a premonition, could you tell me where we stand,
Id hate to lose this light before we land,
and when I feel like I can feel once again
let me stay awhile, soak it in awhile
if you can hold on
you can fix what is wrong
by a little time
for this head of mine
heaven for us...

"Dopo Il Sogno" (After the dream) -Opus (ending theme)

Whoa! This is probably the deepest anime I've ever watched! I mean, the uniqueness of this anime is ridiculous! First you've got these sweet little girls that can handle AK-47's and Sub machine guns! I wish I could shoot some of the guns in this show! I can't handle the recoil though... The beginning of the opening theme reminds me of Space Mountain at Disneyland... Well the part before the person starts to sing, when Henrietta is walking with her "violin case" (XD there's actually a sub-machine gun inside, flash bombs, extra ammo and magazines)
I am really disappointed with the drawing of season two. It's so different than season one and looks too Americanized (but it's the Japanese one! No dubs for me, thanks.)! I mean look at this!:

SEE WHAT I MEAN! The one's on the top are from season one, the bottoms are from Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino (GG season 2)... But the whole story line of Gunslinger Girl was so well thought out! You know when people make movies and everything looks better? That was the first season, it was so unlike any other anime! It had a sort of sadness to it but, not enough to weigh you down... If you want to learn more about the show you should go to Wikipeida. Or you could check out the Character List and learn more about each individual plot...

You kind of have to watch this anime carefully because the subtitles in both seasons are pretty fast and may need some re-winding. This anime is also based in Italy so it can be very confusing to hear people speaking Japanese in Italy with an English theme song and an Italian ending theme song... All and all it is a defendant 5/5 in my mind! I will do Gunslinger Girl: Part 2 and an anime update when I finish the series (I'm on Season 2: Episode 5 right now...).

(The blond Gunslinger Girl (above) is Rico. There were 6 girls but one died in the first season)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's Grandpa's (on my dad's side) birthday and dad wanted me to bake a cake for him. Without much notice so, now i need to figure out how to get all the ingredients, recipe and decorate it before 4pm! There will be around 6-10 people. I was thinking of doing a double layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting but, many people are trying to diet ( worst word a baker could hear) and that is WAY too fattening. I really think that a cheese cake would be better for the weather and a lot of people like it. Maybe I could just use food dye to paint USC on the top. Grandpa is possibly the biggest USC fan ever! Or maybe guns? Since he likes those too...
Aaaa I have no idea what to do! I still have to do all of my homework. AND mom just found maggots crawling around the garage! Which just brings me back to me delightful dream... Now I'm paranoid.
(Yup, the Rubik's cube is a cake!)

Powerthirst 2: Re-Domination

Powerthirst 2: Re-Domination

Warning: May contain GODLEYYNESS! XD Just another thing one of my friends sent me.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sushi Sunday

Today, mom and I (Cameron was dragged with us. XD) went to the Mainplace Mall. Today's objectioves were:

• Get Cameron P.J.'s
• Get shampoo, soap at the Body Shop.
• Get some pants, halloween costume for me.
• Boba?

We ended up getting a Washington roll (a type of sushi roll) at Umi Grill at the food court. It was probably the best sushi I've ever tasted! It was even better than the Yen fusion sushi place by Cheese's house. Mm, I wish I had more! We also found this boba place in the mall but, they ran out of milk tea so we didn't get any.

After we left the mall, we headed off to a thrift store. Which was...closed, because it was Sunday... Geeze we're so clever today! All thrift stores are closed on Sunday! So we'll probably try again tomorrow. But, we are going to the roller rink again tonight with the Huelle's. It'll be FUN! I would like to do something physical since I can't skateboard in my own coldasac anymore!

Yes, it is MY coldasac, only to be taken over by a bunch of Mexican idiot males. I came out to skate in the over crowded black-top and couldn't really to find room to get some decent speed. Then I tried to hang out with these idiots who just decided to start talking about gangs, drugs and condoms.... That sure sounds like fun (no, not really)! I happened to wear a red bandanna that day, because I kind of needed to take a shower and my bangs were in my way. Then people were saying that their in the 'Bloods' (a huge LA gang) and wanted to buy my bandanna off of me. No thanks! So basically I'm sooo done with the whole male gender. The guy's I hang with don't act like this. So now I'm trying to find a good skate spot to practice my pro skater tricks.

Anyways, here's some new random Japanese words:

• Itadakimas, Thanks for the food/meal (before you eat)

• Gochisousama, Thanks for the food/meal (after you eat)

• Oishii, delicious

• Kore wa oshidisu, Thank you for the food (you say it to the chef/sushi chef)

I'll do the zodiac next time. Till next post, Sayonara! =(^-^)=

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Mom called my Grahm to see if she had heard anything about the hurricane. It turns out that Grahm had just hung up with Farrah's dad. Which means that....THEY'RE OKAY!!!! I feel so relived! The watter didn't even come up their driveway enough to water their grass in the front yard! Haha TAKE THAT, IKE! Hmm, maybe I shouldn't taunt the bull...

I went to Japanese Culture class today and I did the homework right this time! But, sensee decided to go over Elementary school in Japan and how it was different than school here. I had no idea what anyone was talking about, being homeschooled and all. Most people usually go to school for a little at least but, not me! I've been homeschooled since birth! I don't really want to go to public school in America anyways. I probably wouldn't mind Japanese schools though. I'm going to look at transfer student stuff when I finish learning the language. I could go without knowing all of it but, I think it would be more fun if I knew what people were saying. They're so different, I really wish I would've just grown-up in Japan. But, then I guess I wouldn't have met all of my friends. Confusing O_o, now my head hurts. Anyways, everything is fine now so, YAY!
(The cat bus is from Totoro, one of Farrah's favorite animes that we watched together back in the day....)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike...

One of my best friends in the world lives in Seabrook, Texas. Her family decided to honker down and try to pass through hurricane Ike. I really hope they make it! I am SO worried right now I may explode!!! It is a 2-5 degree hurricane with waves up to 20ft just in the first wave! It's supposed to hit around 1-2am and should be over around 6-ish. Farrah's mom said she'd call us when it's over, if they're still alive. THAT IS NOT AN OPTION!!!! I will not let them die! GRRRRR! I can't do anything! All I'm doing is sitting here worrying if my friend will be alright! I feel so useless... I'll update again when Farrah calls me. (Which she WILL do!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My first 'Day in My Life' post.

Mmm, delicious brunch! An awesome sandwich of sourdough, mozzarella and pesto sauce!

I check my mail while my mom and little brother are at drum class.

Mom brings home boba! I LOVE boba! The closest boba place is 5 miles away though, so I usually don't go buy some.

I had Gymnastics so, I didn't have time to take pictures of the actual time I spent at the gym...

More delicious food! My dad made rotisserie chicken on the grill. With a side of steamed snow peas!

After dinner, Cheese decides to update her blog, again. I think she's addicted, like I am to Japanese or Harvest Moon (video game).

I go on face book for a little to see what everyone is up to. Only to find out that it's Morocco's birthday today! Happy 15Th Morocco!

And now I'm just munching on an apple... I didn't really do any time-checks today. There's my beautiful, mostly electronic day... Tomorrow's Disney day has been canceled so I'll just do my homework then. Till next post, Sayonara!

Awesome Skater chick!

This is a friend of a friend in Texas trying to win some skate equipment or something. Anyways, I WISH I COULD DO THAT!!! Seriously! I need to let loose instead of holding back because I'll get dominated by the concrete! "Don't even think about it, just DOO IIIT!" hm, maybe a good idea after all... Oh, and please do rate the video if possible! Anyways, I will update again shortly with my 'Day in my life' post.

Bunches of homework with the predictable overcast, and magots???

You wouldn't believe how much homework Ishii-sensee (JA1) and Shimura-sensee (Ja21) decided to pour on me. I had 7 pages of translation from JA1 and I had the regular homework from JA21 (which is basically just answering questions and a writen summery of the text book.). So after I was done with all this stuff, Ishii-sensee decides to pour more homework on me! It's not as bad as last time though, I really enjoy learning all of the characters. Soon we'll just take quizzes in Harigana instead of this lame, Americanized romaji version!

Today I woke up and looked out the window to find: IT'S OVERCAST TODAY!!! I am really excited for Autumn/Fall! I really love that season, with all the colors and stuff! I had to dig out the little bottle of clove oil I made into a necklace. Mm, I love the smell of cloves. It reminds me of the whole feeling of Fall. It makes me want to bake snicker doodles because of the cinnamon (I like that smell too It's all warm and homey) (no, homey is not a real word).

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was dreaming that me and a few friends (I don't remember who) were sitting on the edge of a little creak and we had our feet dangling in. It was really nice out it must have been the beginning of Fall. Then there were these cute little fish that were swimming around and started spitting out maggots! Then the maggots came by our feet and started crawling up our legs... Then they embed themselves in the back of our knees, I was really freaking out. The others were just fine while I was getting more and more freaked out at the small strange colored holes in the back of my knee. They were really weird colors too like purple, pink, blue, green and yellow... But in the crayon colors not the bruise type of faded colors. Then my friends told me that this is some sort of treatment for some disease. I DON'T HAVE A DISEASE! Then I woke up. Such a weird dream...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Monday park day: The food-filled future

Karasuma hasn't been eating anything, the other day he told me he hadn't eaten anything since lunch, the day before and it was already five o' clock at night! So, I decided to make Karasuma lunch Monday and um.... I have no idea what to make! Mom and I are going the grocery store tomorrow, so I can get all the stuff I need.

Hm, maybe I should make curry or something? That would be really funny because then Jon (Karasuma) would actually be like the Karasuma he's named after in School Rumble. Maybe I should make a bunch of onigiri? Or stir fried noodles.... Or orange chicken. He loves oranges.

If anyone has any ideas please share. Till next time (or I figure out what to make Jonathan), Sayonara!

JA21: Saturday and JA1: Monday

Today I found out that I did my homework wrong. I did way too much, and in the wrong format. Today in my Japanese Culture class, I learned all about the Shinto shrines, Buddhism, the Jomon period and the Yayoi period. I really do enjoy this class! Even if Shimura-sensee keeps shelling out homework. I already finished my JA1 homework. Since it was basically learning what characters made which sound it was pretty easy. Wednesday I learned A-H.

I've been into random pictures lately I guess, hence the awesome Popsicle lady on the top left of this post. Till next post, Sayonara (さよăȘら)