Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stale cereal

Yum! Stale cereal for breakfast.. My favorite?

Today, I have done basically nothing. I have stretched and talked on the phone with Coach Cheese. On other notes my cat is trying to kill me. XD And I really don't have much to write about I just wanted to post the cat doodley thing. Now, off to fix some REAL breakfast!

And by the way...
Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Gunslinger Girl: Slow but steady

I just got to watch another episode of Gunslinger Girl -IL Tetrano- which is pretty good. It takes people awhile to sub them though. As soon as I'm done learning Japanese I'm definitely going to fansub something! And it will be awesome!

Right now I'm swimming in homework (like always) and also have/had gymnastics tests. Which I'm somewhat afraid of falling behind. If Coach Cheese (she got a job! YAY!) passes me in gym after lvl 6 I won't get to see her Thursdays anymore ;(. I hardly get to see her as is because she has job training on Fridays (previously Disneyland days) and Renaissance fair stuff on Saturdays grr. I kind of miss those Fall days that we used to go to the candy store and sneak the food into the dollar movies...

Class wise I'm still really busy! Even thought I had to drop my Saturday Japanese Culture class. I really didn't have the time to do the teachers ridiculous amount of homework.

I've been a blubs today just sitting on the couch while my cat attacks me from above the couch. And is now ferociously trying to make muffins on my lap. So adorable.

The holidays are getting closer and I've already got half the people on my list presents! AHA! I'm ahead of schedule this year! I wonder what I should get my cat? Probably something new for her to loose under the table. I wish I had some money to go and get some manga :P I saw the ones I was looking for at an Anime store in Little Tokyo. "Ahh sir times is hard times is haaaaard" -Mrs. Lovett. Anyways, I really should post more often and read Cheese's blog. blah I guess I'm off to go read that now. Ja ne! <-- see ya' in a little bit.

Prop 8: Protest!

I just want to start this post with a nice centence. <---That was it.

I just really want Gay marradge to pass already! If the eghing Mormons would get their head's out of thier bibles maybe they could see the reality of this prop. It's almoast like a type of slavery! What are we? In the 1800's? GROW UP!

Gays are everywhere and should be treated just like everyone else! If the Mormon's can't except that maybe they should go and make their own country and live there where they can pass any ridiculous laws they want! GRRR! They had a brainwashing site online with their massa' that would go on every night telling them that they would go to hell if they voted NO on prop 8. Firstly, WTF? Suuuuure, I may be going overboard but I DON'T CARE! This needs to stop NOW!

As you can see I have very strong ideas of what is right and what is wrong. And NO ONE should be able to steal ANYONE'S rights. Not even the president. How would the Mormons feel if we decided to burn all the bibles in the US or make Mormon and Christianity illegal? Hmm??? ANSWER THAT! I would do anything to be in those picket lines right now protesting the writes of two PEOPLE supporting each other. I'm not even gay! I don't even have any gay friends! I think that if two people love each other they should be able to get married! PERIOD!