Saturday, December 20, 2008

Camp Rock

Okay, okay I know what you're thinking... "What in the wild world of sports is going on?" But yes, I did actually watch Camp Rock from the Disney channel. And I found it much inspirational and a bit confusing. It made me want to take voice class and pick up piano again along with the guitar (acoustic of course). Not to be self-flattering but, I do have a pretty good voice. And I've recently found out that I can hit more notes and different types of singing. I think I'll ask Coach Cheese to go with me to a Karaoke place and see what all those voice lessons have done this semester. I still really would like to hear her voice. I haven't heard it once since I've met her (almost 2 years ago, this March).

Now here's the confusing part, I somewhat wish to be *shivers*....normal. I see what all these people look like and I kind of like their uniform style... But, then again I do like my baggy boy pants and a spaghetti strap shirt too... And I've really wanted to dye my hair a Kagami purple. It would be nice if I had green eyes for that though. I'm pretty sure green eyes plus light purple hair equals complete awesomeness. The only reason I haven't changed my hair color is because, 1 My dad doesn't like dyed hair for some weird reason. and 2 because I'd have to bleach it first, and then my hair won't be all nice and soft like it is now. I mean how can "normal" and my weird purple hair and ponytail fetish go together? I have no idea! Until I find out how that can work I bid you a do'.