Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day in My Life: Santa Fe 10-8-2008

I help Michell cheat at go fish.
Surfer dude about to get annihilated between two waves! XD

Pretty Santa Fe Mosaic at the train station!

Awesome torii like thing that I can't read... Effing Kanji!

The boys google at the dragon.

Russian submarine, anyone?

Treble-clef time!

A beautiful picture I took at the little tourist village.

Mmm, Shrimp, crab and scallop salad! Oishii! (Delicious!)

A re-creation of the famous picture from New York.

I can't remember who this person was I think it started with a B... Maybe it was Bob?

The lamp looks like a UFO!

"Fuses & Torpedo's" hm... Torpedo's on a train?

A delicious boba drink. Tahi tea (IT'S ORANGE?!?!) no milk tea... It tasted pretty good though. A lot better than my brother's Durian smoothie. Too creamy for me K-thanks.

Mmm, a delicious Vietnamese sandwich before I go to Japanese class! A pretty good day if you ask me!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My new friend: Henrietta

A tiny little kitten was meowing at my door so mom told me there was a cute little kitten outside. I immediately went to go pet it and play with it. I give all the neighborhood cats names so I named this cat Henrietta (like in Gunslinger Girl) I named her that because she is very soft spoken (has a tiny little 'meow') and has a lot of brown on her (Henrietta's (Gunslinger Girl) hair color is a medium brown, and the cat's fur is brown too. I met a small grey cat a while back and named it Jahero (from Spirited Away), I have no idea why it just sounded like a good name. Anyways I happened to get a few pictures from Henrietta:

A Day in My Life 10/2/08

I was going to go to gymnastics like usual but the night before after my JA1 class my arm started hurting. I pulled something while trying to do a one armed cartwheel in wet sand... Not such a good idea.

I do a little puzzle in a Disney magazine.

Maneki likes my heating pad more than I do!

This is my beastly phone that makes holes in all my pockets. Oh, and it's 11:37am.

Time to go on the computer for a little bit. Almost all of these messages are from Facebook notifications.
Time to check out my friend's blog. Now I have this stuck in my head, thanks a lot Cheese.
I made a shower in the back yard because when we came home from the beach (the day before, 10/1/08) I was covered in sand and would've probably clogged the shower up.

Finally! Time to use the 'Shower' setting on the garden hose. The water was warm for a little. I used all the warm water up then my little brother was next in line and got all the cold water! XD

Then I decided to play Runescape for a while. This is my character.

Friday, October 3, 2008

School Rumble: San Genki

O_O This anime ended exactly how I wanted it to! I am really happy for Tenma-chan! Sometimes I can really relate to her. Even though San Genki OVA (I feal like a bad anime fan not knowing what OVA is...) was only two episodes long it was AMAZING! Not too short like some anime and not some three hundred episodes long like other ones. Sure, I'm a bit sad that it's over, but this was the best anime I've ever watched! Even though it was a bit, girly... I'm sorry this anime update wasn't longer but I don't want to ruin the whole show! You really need to watch all three seasons! Till next post (hopefully a 'Day in My Life'), Ja ne!