Thursday, January 17, 2008

Disney Land Band

Yes! We HXC kids are going to play as a band at Disneyland (Unnoficaly of course...)! I'll write another entry then. So i'm playing the Tamborene (I could sing too but, somebody else is)...My friend is playing the Finger Symbols... And, I really don't know what else anybody is playing.. I should write a song... I haven't wrote a song in soo long. See ya' on the Flip Side!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I've been reading a LOT of Fruits Basket (or as most fans named it Furuba ! I'm at book 14. Oh, and the pic on the left was actually Inuyasha based but, someone drew the characters from Furuba as the people from Inuyasha (how clever). The one with the orange hair is Kyo (the cat), the one with brown hair on the right is Kagura (the boar), the yellow haired one is Momiji (the rabbit), the one with the staff is Shigure (the dog), the female int the middle of the drawing is Tohru Honda (just a regular High-School girl), the silver haired one with the fur is Yuki (the rat) and the one allllll the way on the left is Ayame (the snake and Yuki's older brother). The book has Aime (Japanese cartoons) too! The book is based on the Chinese zodiac (even though it's Japanese...) hence, the characters also being animals... If any of the members of the Sohma family gets hugget by the opposite gender they turn into their animal. And the cat isn't actually part of the Zodiac... See the Rat and all the other animals of the Zodiac were informed of a banquet that would happen in a few days so the Rat decided to trick the cat into thinking that the banquet was the day after it really was so the cat overslept and missed it....So the Cat didn't count as one on the Zodiac... So sad...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sweeny Todd

I've been reading the book "Sweeny Todd" It's pretty amazing! I'm going to see the movie after I read the book. But, I'm pretty sure the book is better than the movie (it usually is). I'm also reading A Midsummer's Night Dream and Romeo and Juliet (might as well read some Shakespeare books too. I like the classics). I'm about half way through Sweeny. Or as Mrs. Lovett likes to call him Mr. T., Imagine the REAL Mr. T as a barber... Hold still FOOL... Good times. What could be a better movie than one with the actor Johnny Depp (Captain Jack Sparrow) and directed by Tim Burton (Jack Skellington)? Anyway, the book is called 'Sweeny Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street' I really suggest you go and read it.

Bowling Birthday

I know the pic. is"... kinda, big"... Anyways, It was one of my friend's little bro's birthday (did ya' follow that?) he decited to bowl for his B-Day. As anybody who was at the bowling ally knows, I am the gutter QUEEN! But, I got a srike or two so i'm good. Once, the ball went in the gutter and spun back out and hit TWO PINS (heck YES)! So, the birhtday boy was asking how I did that I wouldn't tell him (espically because I didn't really know).


I miss Disneyland my friends and I used to go all the time... But, I got a pass again! So now I can go (if it isn't a block out day)! WOO! I kinda miss when California Screamin' and Space Mountain where ROCKIN' but, unfortuanatally that ended... But Jack is back! Halloween Haunt jets Jacked around Christmastime, If you've ever wached The Nightmare Before Christmas you know why but, if you haven't... Jack Skellington (the Pumpkin King) "Grows so tired of the same old thing". You'd just have to see it I don't want to spoil it ^_^.

One of my friends and I used to ride Thunder Mountain ALL the time but, now we can't (my friend moved to Texas). Anyways...That was 'our' ride, I guess it still kinda' is. I need to get a ride to Texas one of these days...