Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday bentos

This is my mom's bento (If you've ever read my blog you've probably already realized that this bento box looks familiar...). Today is twin bento day (a.k.a. I was too lazy to make to different bentos ☺). Recently I have mastered the art of making a perfect omelet in a cast iron skillet! It's more difficult then it sounds! Once one of my friends was trying to make an omelet at my house... It was more of a scrambled egg type of deal, it was still pretty good though (she later on tried to get me to buy a non-stick skillet)...Good times!

Both of these bentos have a salad which consists of: Garbanzo beans, Julienned (a horrible attempt at julienning, if I do say so myself) carrots, water chestnuts and lettuce. My mom's bento also has steamed broccoli.

This is Dad's bento. (Kore wa Chichi no bentou desu.)

Bento: Super Bowl Sunday!

I made my dad a Super Bowl themed bento. He's not really into that type of stuff but, I thought it would be appropriate. So I made the foot ball players out of hard boiled egg and nori (for the face-paint, helmet and numbers). The yard marks are green bell peppers and the football is a mushroom slice.

The right compartment is Orieo's and Tapioca pudding with some cinnamon. In the right container is potato and honey. OM NOM NOM!!!


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