Thursday, November 15, 2007

Halloween Dance

Disturbing? HECK YES! That's "Misty" from Pokémon. And the person with an R on his shirt is "James" from Team Rocket! And if you have no clue what Pokémon is there's something wrong with you I mean COME ON it's on TV all the time! Ha "James" dyed his hair with Kool-Aid. I probably only worked because his hair was really light blonde. The person at the car is not dressed up at all...But, who can tell unless they know him.

And this is the Jester! She SO should've worn that to Halloween Haunt. Her coller has BELLS! Too bad one fell off...A lot of things went missing that dace, "Jesse's" earring, one of the bracelets I was waring and the Jester's bell (Actually I think she found it again..). And the reason I don't have a picture of me is because Blogger wouldn't download it, LAME.

Team Rocket! Jesse! "Surrender now or prepare to fight Meoth that's rite!". "Jesse" is the person in front. Ash Kechem (as in Gotta' Kechem' all HAHAH).Is on the right and "Meoth" is on the left..Yeah, That was a pro dance... XD HARDCORE!