Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quit y/y?

Wait... WHY do I have this blog, agian? I never update it. And, most of the people that read it I usually talk to. Like... in person (woah! :o)

Monday, March 29, 2010


Okay, first to start out with. WOAH I HAVEN'T BEEN ON FOR FOREVER AND A HALF! So yeah... Sorry >.<

So, let's see. I quit Japanese Class, because I have a nervous stomach, and It was going to kill me in my sleep (aka give me an ulcer). So yeah... And soon after that a bunch of stuff happened. Good stuff, lame stuff AWESOME STUFF. And stuff I didn't think happened outside of TV. And in this crazy span of 8ish months that I haven't posted anything, I made a bunch of new friends. And they're pretty awesome... Just sayin'. ^.^ And I've resurrected my bento-making skills...

And I've really been fighting the urge to post in Japanese. Because I know a lot of kanji now, and can read even more than I can write. 8D I've even made another Japan-obsessed friend. AND got him to sign-up for JA1. Victory!