Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Haunt AND pants!

Gee where do I start? WITH...


There was this idea of making Planet Unicorn pants (my friend and I love the show sooo...That's how the idea started). I went to Joann Fabrics' craft store and bought some of that iron-on paper stuff that you can print pictures on....It doesn't transfer color very well, at all (Thank goodness for Sharpies, one of the bestest inventions in the world!). So that's what i ended up wearing to Halloween Haunt (with the frilliest shirt I had aka red and pink hearts :p). "Give it up for: Feathers ohh Cadalac and Tom Cruse"...And Seacorn, Flower, Rock, Frog and Tyra Banks Shannon the 8 year old gay boy who wished the unicorns into existence.


Yup, the Haunt was full of 'Haw-T Shaw-T Naw-T Bod-T' monsters....Like the Zombie Pirate that I was asking "Let me borrow that top" (okay that wasn't' really asking..). So he decided to model it Tyra Banks' style. So I'm like "You should be a model". Good times.... We actually didn't get a picture of the pirate 'creature', 'monster' whatever. The mazes were the scariest (for me at least). The most disturbing maze I went in would probably be....The Asylum, Gory beyond belief. I'm glad we didn't come across the doll maze because, my Grahm has a doll that looked like the ones from the advertisement. Old 50's-ish dolls creep me out...Unlike the clowns they were REALLY LAME so was Clown Collage that was the lamest maze ever. Lore of the Vampire wasn't scary but, it was still pretty cool. There was a zombie thing that looked like it could have been related to my dad, Prospector Pepperspray. YEEHAW!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sewing Machine of certain doom/death (who cares)

Today, I tried sewing with the sewing machine... I guess it kinda looks like a pillow (I can't tell yet I've only finished the first half then the lame machine decited to break on me). Maby sewing jean fabric wasn't a good idea for a first timer person... Here's a photo of the front half.

I'm re-using some old shorts that don't fit me and my mom's old sewing machine (it must be at least 12-15 years old by now). Yes, The pockets are functioning (AMAZING!). I can see the dog liking this pillow. She likes my denim jacket so.. Next time I see this pillow it'll probably be coverd in dog fur =).

Friday, October 5, 2007

Algebra..WOO! (not)

Tomorrow I'm going to my 2nd algebra class....I didn't really understand algebra untill 3am that is. Some how being half asleep makes everything make sence. So yeah, I OWNED my algebra papers. This is a link of Algebra getting owned =)

Knotts Scary Farm/ Halloween Haunt

Me and my friend are going to Knotts Scarry Farm (Halloween Haunt). It's going to be SO FREEKING AMAZING! Last year my mom went and she was held back in one of the mazes because one of the people was too afraid and wanted to turn back. So she helped set this guy up with ALL the monsters. He almost fainted... Good times (even though i wasn't there)...