Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Piano and Karaoke

I finally found the sheet music to Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2! At Ichigo's sheet music website! They have a lot of Piano sheet music from Anime and video games. I just found out the other day that ichigo means strawberry in Japanese. Which is why everybody from Bleach calls Ichigo Kurosaki 'strawberry'. I wonder if anybody ever named a kid Karuma (car, automobile)? I've already met a teen named Neko (cat). He seemed more of the dog lover though... Anyways, this is a good site for the Piano but they also have things for the keyboard too!

I also found a site for all those Anime theme songs I thought I knew the words to... I guess I wasn't saying them right after all. The site's called Anime Lyrics and it is pretty handy if you're getting ready to do some Karaoke-ing! Karaoke is Japanese for loud... That's a clever name for a singing game! I guess I should be getting off the computer now, Sayonara!


日本語 I took Japanese 1 today at IVC (most people had suggested JA1A but, being the
(Japanese) difficult teen I am I had to choose JA1...) this is probably the hardest class I've ever taken! Sensee (teacher) decided to have the class do really long sentences and started talking really fast, I couldn't keep up! The homework looks doable though.

Oh, and here's another thing, Sensee really recommends tutoring to everyone so I tried to sign up but I have to have that "pre-approved" too! I hate that just because I'm younger than everyone in class I have to be "approved" it's not like I'm some children's reading material or something! I just sit there and learn. I'm really getting sick of this age limit thing. Can't I just go through some sort of test to let me in stuff without having to go through the same thing over and over? Good thing this "tutoring" counts as 5% of my grade. I'm basically already done with the system and just looking forward to the part where I learn the characters.

I'll be learning Hiragana, then Katakana and then Kenji. Just the simple Kenji though because now and days people usually only use it for names and some books... I'm actually kind of excited for Wednesday even thought today went kind of bad. Anyways, Till next time, Sayonara!

Skating Sunday!

I went roller blading Sunday! It was a lot of fun! My family and Cheese's family went to Holiday Skate in Orange. They have special deals on Sunday nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm. A family up to 5 can skate for $5.50 each including skates. The inline ones are extra and they don't have the beautiful stopper on the front that gives you a guaranteed face plant.
I fell a lot on my knees and elbow (no thanks to Cheese! XD). They still hurt a little bit but, what could help soar muscles than a shower? A shower with no hot water (We had hot water I just wanted to know what Jon was going on about)! It would've been a good idea if it wasn't already 10 'o-clock at night. I had fun thought and hope to go again in a week or two. Anyways till next post, Sayonara!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Get into gear already!

I assembled my desk today! It took me a really long time though but, I did it all by myself! I really want to start getting into a schedule again... So far it's been going rather umm, lame. I've been waking up way too late, not going running like I wanted too and I haven't been stretching in the morning, either. Basically I want my schedule to be something like this:

8am Wake up
8:05am Eat breakfast, stretch out/ Leave for Japanese Culture class (on Saturdays)
9:30am Start studying for Japanese 1 (JA1)
11am Try to catch Gunsmoke on TV Land (I've just really been into that show lately)/Leave for Teen Disney Days (Thursdays?, Fridays?)
12pm Eat lunch/ Go to park days (some Mondays)
12:35pm Get home from JCC/Do whatever, Go on the computer, Blog, Walk the dog ect./Leave for JA1 (Mondays and Wednesdays)
6:30pm Free time or more studying... Or read a book
10:30pm Get home from JA1/ Get ready for bed/ Study a little bit more... XD
11pm - 12am Go to bed

Basically something like that... But I still need to figure out when I want to do Gymnastics... I defiantly want to go into the 3-4 Grade but I still haven't decided which day... Cheese and I still need to have a ridiculous talk that will probably end up having to do with pink skirts and gym teachers. ;3 I'm off to bed now, till next time, Sayonara!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today my kitten decided to have fun with a plastic fork... I will probably put up a video or something because she's so adorable. I also made a portabello mushroom sandwich with cheese, lettuce and bread (of course)! It was very good! I wasn't able to eat half of it though because it dropped on the floor and the plate broke so, I kept eating chips of china... (my sandwich was a different one than the one in the picture, that one's mom's). With miso paste, pickles and sauerkraut in the background! Yum!

My family got season 1 of That '70s Show on DVD! I already watched all 25 episodes and want to get the 2Nd season... I've been looking for a desk for awhile too. My mom found a pretty cool one today, hope4fully it will be in stock at the store... I hope I don't have THAT much homework. I might be way too happy then.

Till next post, Sayonara! =(^-^)=

Friday, August 15, 2008

Celebrity Food Show 2008

I got to go and see Duff, Mary Alice and Geoff decorate a cake today! It was AWESOME! The Ace of Cakes group are my idols! I want to have a bakery when I become a pastry chef! I was thinking of having it in Japan buuut, there's been talk of there being a second Charm City Cakes but closer to where I live... Even Duff's dad told me to start calling when it opens! Maybe I could be an intern or something, you know color fondant and such then do more stuff later. Either way it's AWESOME! Duff's advise for a just starting baker is "Don't fallow the rules!". Sounds good to me! XD I made a new video/slideshow on my youtube:

I want to bake something now... Hmm, what should I bake? Maybe a cake. Naw, I don't have the stuff for icing or fondant. I'm kind of dome making normal cookies though... I should make some phyco-cookie! I'm probabally going to frame the shirt, so like most of my clothes they don't end up ruined...XD

Thursday, August 14, 2008


First off, THIS IS A GODLEYY (Yes, with two Y's) PHOTO!!!! I was looking at random neko anime pics on Google and I found this beauty! It would be really awesome if I could dress up as her for Halloween! Speaking of which, I still need to figure out what I want to be! Or if there's a awesome theme all the teens are going to do! If I think of something awesome I'll probably have to sew it so it'll take a while... But It would be nice to dress up as something less childish... Cat ears would be good so would awesome wings! Now I'll have to look up a lot of stuff...

I picked up all my textbooks Tuesday! I've been looking stuff up in the Japanese-English, English-Japanese dictionary since! Like my latest anime I finished: Kodomo no Jikan, Kodomo means: child, no is possessive and Jikan is time! So basically it's Children's school time. Which makes a lot of sense with the anime around a class of 4Th graders and their teacher. Anyways, till next post, Sayonara!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Anime Monday!

"Hare Hare Yukai" - Aya Hirano

Yes, I know I've probably already done this one but, this version was too cute to pass up! I'll do a DOUBLE WHAMMY to make up for it.

"God Knows..." and "Lost My Music" - Aya Hirano

This is actually rather odd for an anime to have more music in it than just the beginning and ending theme songs... I really like the music though, so that's why it's on here! Aya Hirano also sounds pretty good live too... Anyways; Till next post, Sayonara!



Today we got a Wii (used) from Game Stop! My bro's been playing it non-stop! I also got to sign up for my classes at IVC today! I'm enrolled in Japanese 1 and Japanese Culture 1! The first classes start on the 25Th! And I am SO pumped!!! And me and my family are going to Disneyland on the 19Th! I don't really know what this picture is but it's some Japanese myth (like the Crakken or such).

I'm really excited for gymnastics this week too. I don't really know why but, maybe it's because I'll get to work on my Mill Circles and Swivel Hips. I haven't been keeping track of the Olympics earlier today. A friend told me about how America puhowned France yesterday. I probably should start watching it so I can get some awesome ideas of Gymnastics combos. So far the only one that I'm doing that looks decent is cartwheel into side splits. I was trying to put together stuff like handstand into back-bend into umm... something clever. I'll keep trying though, I need to start stretching every day.

I totally need to get into a routine! I should start waking up earlier (One of my classes are at 9:30 and it takes us a little bit to get there)! Set aside study time, Wii time, computer time, free time... Ahh! Too much in my head already! Me and mom are going to get the text books tomorrow! Maybe I can re-view a little bit so it'll give me a head-start! Till next post,

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wii are pumped!

First of all, my bro has been begging me to let him get the Wii. Mom said we all had to vote so It was basically 1 V.S. 1. The only reason I didn't want to get rid of the PS2 is because, I was still playing Kingdom Hearts (1 & 2) but, I found out they made a manga! I basically wanted to play the game so I could get the story line... We're planning to get a Wii on Monday after going to the park. Monday is soo busy for me! I'm going to park day, picking up a Wii, regestering for Fall classes... And figure out what stuff I need to get for the classes and look for a desk to do all the homework I'm going to do on.

I'm also working on crocheting a red scarf... It's not going too well... My mom knows knitting (she took a class at CHN) and maybe I can get her to teach me! I am REALLY excited to go to Disney Land again! The first day that I'm able to go is the 18Th, That day my family and I are going! We'll probably go the 19Th too! Of course there's that new Toy Story shooting game! I was pretty good at the Astro Blasters so maybe I'll be good at these too...

I made S'more bars today for dessert! I found a recipe online. It didn't take that long either! But, I think it's WAY too sweet! It probably would've been better with dark chocolate than milk... I might have added too many marshmallows though. Blah, I'm done with sugar right now.

I went to an AWESOME beach yesterday! The water was shallow and the swells were decent, a must Boogie Boarding spot for beginners! You could go out 2 meters from shore and it would still be up to your waist. My friends and I body surfed most of the day away! It's not so much fun when your top threatens to come off. So I'm glad a brought a shirt! All and all it was a LOT of fun!

Karasama (a nickname, after his name getting shorter (Jonathan, Jon, Jo,J and then Jay is like a Blue Jay so then it was Orange Jay (OJ ahah OJ Simpson) then OJJE (pronounced like Oji = Karasuma Oji from School Rumble, DING!) and I swam to a rock and jumped off into the ocean. The people in line in front of us were scared until people (mostly me) told them if they didn't jump off they would get pushed off =3. Until the Life Guard made us get off... The sunset was really pretty too, I just sat on the Jetty and stared at it for maybe an hour. After it was dark the watter looked like liquid mettle! There's only one word to name the sight, GODLEYY! XD

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kodomo no Jikan

Sayonara, Kodomo no Jikan! I just finished Season ichi (1) and cannot wait for season ne (2) to come out! I had to watch episode 12 censored though... The only difference is that they beep bad words. Which really sucks actually because these little kids come up with funny things to say! But, instead all I heard were retarded animal noises... Oh well. I've been trying to practice the chibi (little) Japanese I know, so maybe I'll be better at it hen i take the classes... I already have the accent down pretty well. That's what you get when you watch a LOT of subbed anime! I don't really care for the dubbed so much because they usually cut stuff out... Espicially in situations like Furuba (you might as well read every-other page in the manga!). But yeah, My favorite character in this anime is Kuro Kagimi (鏡 黒). I probably like her so much because she ware's a cat tail and ears all the time! I'm such a neko (cat) fan =(^-^)=! What else can I say about this anime... Don't watch it if you have no sense of humor. Good thing I have hachi-juu (80) tons of that! Till next post (which will be looooong), Sayonara!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Anime Monday!

"Hanamaru Sensation" - Little Non

This is a little inappropriate at times. Kind of like Dokuru-chan but, all and all it's still a pretty good anime! So this is the ending theme song from Kodomo no Jikan! I really like the dark-haired girl's outfits! They usually consist of a cat tail, ears and a cute doll dress... Something along the lines of what Yuki in Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody (Haruhi Suzimaya manga chapter) wore.... Till next post, Sayonara!