Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival '09!

We (Neil, Sun and I) meet at the fire-look-out place in Little Tokyo at 10. Then we go to the opening ceremony where there was some awesome Taiko drumming going on! It was beautiful!

Next, Ishii-sensee gets her "Teachers Make A Difference Award"! YAY, SENSEE! She is the best "official" teacher I've ever had (Although I've only had probably 3 teachers in my life, so far... :3. My mom, Ishii-sensee, a sign language teacher from SCC (he was the ABSOLUTE WORST TEACHER, EVER!) and Shimura-sensee (from Japanese Culture class, she was okay but she gave out wayyy too much homework!).

Ishii-sensee is in the middle with the short hair, next to the guy with white hair.

This is Sun, posing with Hello Kitty, who distracted us from the awards ceremony. Oh, well. It was basically over anyways!

What? Do you think I'd miss out on this photo op?

Sun (black) tries to teach Neil (white) how to play Go...

20 minutes later... How's that "teaching" going? O_O More like total annihilation! Sorry, Neil.
Hmm... Who won? Those game pieces in and on top of the plastic lids are the ones that the players have captured. See that big pile of white? That's all of Neil's captives. See the little black group? That's what Neil has captured from San. :D Not even close, Sun wins by a landslide!

Even in the big city, there's some beautiful man-made sites. I never thought I would have "beautiful" and "man-made" in the same sentence, ever.

People whiz by not even knowing that that beautiful sky line is there.


Anna said...

I am not our #1 teaher???

Anime Onnanoko said...

Yeah-huh! Just not my #1 "Official" teacher. You're my #1 "unnoficial" teacher. ;p